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Hi there! Thank you for being here.

We put so much love into making super comfy, soft, breathable and healthy clothes for the little beloveds in our lives! And we do it in an Ethical and Sustainable way.

When you buy Hazel you are also contributing positively to the world- from people to nature, for now and for the future generations

All of our products are natural dyed by hand with leaves and bark from plants and trees.

We work close with local artisans, a studio and a small factory that we visit frequently. Everyone is paid a living wage (more than the minimum) and work in great conditions!

We have a Zero Waste Program supporting small tailors and all the procedures from the products they make are donated to the local NGO "Bali Street Mums Project'

If you want to learn more about us feel free to contact us or head to the 'About Us' page
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