Hazel was born with the idea of doing a

meaningful sustainable brand to dress

babies with the safest product. We combine

premium natural materials that are the softest & healthiest for your baby's delicate skin. We want our beloved little ones to feel comfy & joyful!


In order to do this, we chose to use plant based dyes which are biodegradable, nontoxic & nonallergic. Our clothes are done with bamboo which is breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, UV resistant & sustainable. 


All of our products carry a grater message, being more conscious about the well being of our world, from people to nature - for now & for the future generations.

We support our community by producing almost everything locally in Bali & handmade. We are slow fashion, thought to be loved for many years & by many little ones. We use eco friendly packaging. We are now zero waste & we give back to moms & kids in need.

Organic Natural Plant Dyed Baby Clothes
Organic Natural Plant Dyed Baby Clothes
Organic Natural Plant Dyed Baby Clothes
Our Skin

Our skin is the largest, one of the most important organs in the body and also, very delicate. It plays many roles in the maintenance of life and health.

Besides holding all the parts of our body together, it provides an air and water impermeable-flexible barrier between the outside world and the systems within our body. It helps with temperature regulation, keeping harmful microbes out, vitamin production and allows us to have the sense of touch. The skin is unique in many ways, requires attention and care to keep it healthy.

Because clothing comes into prolonged contact with one’s skin- we don't want it to have any toxic substances. We choose to use bamboo OEKO-TEX®100 certified to be free of harmful chemicals,  botanical dyes, nickel free snaps & eco-friendly detergents. 

Plant Based Dye

We really want the very best for our babies & toddlers while conserving the environment & we would love if you could join us on this ethical choice. Everyday we live we impact the world, so let's do it on a positive way!

Natural dyes are biodegradable, nontoxic and nonallergic. Additionally, they don't contain harmful chemicals nor carcinogenic components, common to artificial or synthetic dyes.  Imagine how good this is for our little ones' skin! Also, by using plant dyes over these other choices, you help to preserve the environment and lower human dependence on harmful products. Many times, residuals from the textile dyeing process end up in our oceans - The process of color treating fabric contributes to as much as 20% of the world’s water pollution.

Furthermore, the natural dyes that we use produce no waste, unlike the products used in the synthetic dyeing process. Leaves & bark are easy to extract, they are harvested several times (trees are not killed), the leaf waste is processed into compost to fertilize the soil (closed loop process) & leftover water is filtered by enceng gondok plants before flowing into the river. All of these raw materials are grown at the factory's own plantation in the island, in the village of Tampak Siring.

Another interesting advantage of plant dyes is that they provide higher UV absorption - By wearing clothes dyed naturally, you'll protect your skin more from the sun’s harmful rays.

Organic Natural Plant Dyed Baby Clothes
Organic Natural Plant Dyed Kids Clothes

Fabric made from bamboo is soft and smooth, which helps keep your little loves fresh and comfortable. It's a powerful insulating, which keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It's wicking properties in combination with the porous qualities of it's fiber, makes it breathable and ideal for warm days! Furthermore, bamboo is naturally UV resistant.

This fabric, is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Has a bio-agent called "Bamboo Kun" that remains in its textile form preventing bacteria from cultivating on it. Bamboo fiber is smooth and round, it won't irritate the skin - making it ideal for babies with skin sensitivities, other allergies and dermatitis.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant, it doesn't need pesticides/fertilizers or irrigation or to be replanted, produces more oxygen, stores carbon dioxide & has the ability to restore degraded land (among other sustainable benefits) - but we are aware that bamboo fabric is not perfect & Hazel is not perfect, & we are committed improve the process. We do our best by buying Indonesian produced fabric that is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 & contributing in many other positive ways! 

More Positive Impact

At Hazel, we feel very proud of working mostly and mainly with companies based within the same island, run by local families and handmade. This allow us to support local communities and create a strong relationship with their owners and employees. We choose to work with companies that promote gender equality, ethnic and religion diversity & that respect working hours. We regularly visit the different production sites to be involved in their process, assuring that they work in safe conditions and are paid a living wage.

Our distribution center, office, sewing factory, most of the packaging suppliers, fabric distributor and the dyeing company are all located within a radius of 15 km, which allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. Even the fabric is produced in Indonesia.

All of our products and packaging have been mindfully thought. They are either natural, recyclable, from a recycled element, compostable and/or all of above. From the detergents we use to our mailers - and we are 100% plastic free. To minimize waste, we don't put any unnecessary tags on our clothes.

Last but not least, we are proud of working with a company that collects leftover fabric treads (read more about our Zero Waste Program below) & turn them into yarn to be hand woven into carpets or table runners, giving what would be waste material a second life. Also, they give women from the nearby village the opportunity to be in safe & formal employment while at the same time preserving Bali’s beautiful dyeing and weaving traditions - combining social responsibility with environmental sustainability.

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organic naturally plant dyed clothes
Giving Back

One of our main concerns about the fashion industry is the amount of waste generated by the unused fabric that is not trendy any more, leftover fabric cuts from factories who's goal is to minimize production time and 'fast fashion' brands. On our efforts to produce on a sustainable and ethical way, we started a Zero Waste Program. We've not only been keeping every fabric strap from our productions - we also been working hard to minimize waste from the moment we come out with our colors, styles, buying the fabric and throughout every step of our production.

Since September, we've been working with tailors that due to COVID have lost most or all of their clients here in Bali, to transform this fabric straps into scrunchies, bandana bibs and pacifier clips - and selling them locally (soon on the website). 

The procedures from these items are donated to Bali Street Mums Project, giving back to this beautiful island that we are happy to call home. The amazing people behind this organization help mothers and their children who have been on the streets and give them refuge at their safe house, they teach the moms skills so that they can earn a living and educate their kids - "By saving families once, they’re empowered to sustain themselves for generations" BSMP. Visit their website here