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tencel baby clothes Organic Natural Plant Dyed Baby Clothes

All About TENCEL

We are not sure if you've heard about TENCEL™ before so we will link some sites with information about the terms used. TENCEL™ is actually a brand name owned by the Austrian company Lenzing AG that makes two different fibers; lyocell and modal.

TENCEL Lyocell fibers come from mainly beech, birch, eucalyptus & spruce trees, harvested from sustainably managed PEFC or FSC forests. The wood pulp is dissolved to form the fiber that is then spun into yarn and woven into cloth - so how it is more eco friendly that other fibers? 

Not only because it is made from sustainably sourced wood but also because traditionally, viscose process' uses harmful sodium hydroxide whereas TENCEL Lyocell replaces it with a close loop NMMO process -this non toxic solution is recoverable (99% of it) and it is recycled time after time to produce new fibers and minimize waste.  Also, it requires less water than cotton & it is biodegradable.


TENCEL Lyocell received the same ranking to GOTS Cotton on the Environmental Benchmark for Fibers by Made-By, a Dutch organization. It got the European Award for the Environment from the European Commission in the category “The Technology Award for Sustainable Development” and it is certified USDA biobased.

What are TENCEL Lyocell benefits? It is a silky soft high quality fabric. It is breathable, regulates temperature and it is naturally wrinkle-resistant. Comparing it to cotton, it is ten times more resistant to bacterial growth and it is 50% more absorbent, helping wick moisture from the skin.

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