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We believe on being transparent about our practices, keep learning about ways to become a more ethical company & we commit to improve our knowledge, processes & product throughout time. We want to leave a positive footprint for us, for our little ones & for the future generations -& we'll do it by taking care of animals, the Earth & the people that live in it.


We believe in building strong relationships with our suppliers/partners & their workers, making sure their processes are Ethical. As most of our suppliers are local (Bali, Indonesia) we have the honor & the responsibility of visiting their workplaces and know them personally. 

Hazel was created during the Covid 19 Pandemic, we are very happy to be able to give new jobs & we are confident that our suppliers we'll keep growing with us. 



FORCED LABOR - Employment must not be forced and all forms of indentured (including prison labor), bonded, involuntary, compulsory or uncompensated labor are prohibited.  Workers have permission to leave under reasonable circumstances, such as personal or family emergencies.

CHILD LABOUR - We do not accept child labor.

TREATMENT IN THE WORKPLACE - Physical abuse including any form of verbal, sexual or psychological harassment, harsh or inhumane treatment of workers is strictly prohibited.

LABOR CONTRACT IS PROVIDED - Workers should have a written employment contract that containing terms of employment, including wages, benefits and working conditions.

WORKING HOURS - Workers working hours align to local labor law requirements, overtime is voluntary and within the legal limit as prescribed by local labor law and is always compensated at a higher rate of wages.

FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND THE RIGHT TO COLLECTIVE BARGAINING ARE RESPECTED - We encourage the workers’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. Workers participating in unions are not subject to discrimination or punitive disciplinary actions.

WORKING CONDITIONS ARE SAFE AND HYGIENIC - All factories must meet local and national safety laws and standards. 

WAGES AND BENEFITS - Workers will receive more than the minimum wage and all benefits required by law or contract like annual leaves, sick leaves, maternity leaves, health insurance etc.  

NO DISCRIMINATION IS PRACTISED - Workers must not suffer any form of harassment or discrimination in their employment on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social group or ethnic origin.

NO CORRUPTION - Businesses must work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.


ENVIRONMENT - Suppliers must ensure they adhere to all legal requirements for the management of any waste generated and that no toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing of our products. Water and Energy are treated responsibly. 


ANIMAL PROTECTION - Non of our materials/elements are tested on animals, we don't use any animal product and there are no animals involved in the process. Our product is vegan.


By December 2022 visit the factory where TENCEL fabric is produced, become more clear of what are our suppliers' "more than minimum" wages, determinate percentage of what a living wage is and work together with our suppliers to increase their employee's wages.


By December 2021 finish creating our Zero Waste Program to support Bali Children Foundation and grow as a circular company. (from goals).


Measurement of carbon footprint and emissions.

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